Community Outreach

Helping Neighbors

I am pleased to introduce our monthly Community Outreach Program.  I spent years in the Corporate world running local enterprises that were part of billion dollar Fortune 350 organizations – and they had no connection to the local community.  It always felt so strange to not be in the Chamber of Commerce or connected to the local community.  Heading up Peak Nine gives me the freedom to change that!

A big part of why I love doing what I do is because I get to help people. Lots of times we help improve their comfort, but sometimes we find folks who need help with their basic quality of life.  We know that there are plenty of people who just don’t have the financial or physical ability to do some things.  In that spirit, Peak Nine is dedicating a few hours every month to help someone in need.

Each month, Peak Nine will donate one home repair project to a person in need.  If you know of someone who is having extreme financial constraints, a limiting disability or other struggles and needs a thing or two taken care of around their house, please contact us!  

We will select the project for the following month at the end of the current month.  It can be hanging curtain rods, fixing the door that won’t latch, checking out the electric outlet or switch, taking a look at the leaky drain, stopping the toilet from running – anything needed around the house.  Or all of those things and more – this is many times the case once folks start falling behind in their ability to maintain their home.   The project just needs to be located in Johnson or Wyandotte County, KS or Jackson County, MO.

To nominate someone and provide us with their contact info and details:

Thanks to everyone for your business and support, and thanks for nominating someone who can use a little help to make their life a little more comfortable!  John Rhein